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The Simple View of Reading (Gough and Tunmer)

The Three Cueing System (Adams)

Development of Sight Word Reading: Phases and Findings (Ehri)

Do Children Read Words Better in Context or in Lists? A Classic Study Revisited (Refutation of Ken Goodman’s work; Nicholson)

Perceiving Words During Reading: Lack of Facilitation from Prior Peripheral Exposure (Readers process text by focusing on each letter/word in sequence; McConkle, Zola, Blanchard, Wolverton)

Context Clues in Reading: The Gap Between Research and Popular Opinion (Nicholson, Bailey & McArthur. Full article unavailable)

The Interactive-Compensatory Model of Reading (Over-reliance on context clues in weak readers; Stanovich. Full article unavailable)

Matthew Effects in Reading (Strong readers get stronger while weak readers get weaker; Stanovich)

Readiness/Phonemic Awareness (Tankersley)

Synthetic vs. Analytic Phonics (Johnston, McGeown, Watson)

Flashcards Revisited: Training Poor Readers to Read Words Faster Improves Their Comprehension of Text (Tan & Nicholson)

Effects of Rapid Automatic Naming-Training on Reading (Van Stappen, Van Reybroek)

Uses and Misuses of Processing Tests (Spear-Swerling)

How Psychological Science Informs the Teaching of Reading (Rayner, Foorman, Perfetti, Pesetsky, Seidenberg)

Effects of Screen Time on Literacy (Hutton, Dudley, Horowitz-Krauss)

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