Maybe you’ve found your way to this page because you’re concerned that your child is falling behind in reading, but you’re not sure how to tell.

Or perhaps you’ve learned that your child’s school district is relying on an ineffective reading program, and/or you want to try teaching your son or daughter yourself but need some guidance.

Maybe you’re even the parent of a long-time struggling reader and are determined to seek out every last resource to help them fulfill their potential.

The good news is that with proper instruction, virtually all children can learn to read. The bad news is that there is a veritable epidemic of poor reading instruction in American schools, with children often being taught to rely on wildly ineffective strategies such as guessing words based on first letters and pictures under the guise of so-called Balanced Literacy.

If you’re concerned about your child’s reading, we recommend that you start with this post: 10 Signs of a Decoding Problem. If you live in a Balanced Literacy school district, you may also want to read about the three cueing system, which is frequently used as a basis for early reading instruction.

If you’re interested in learning some basics about the Science of Reading, we suggest you start here: The Science of Reading: 5 Key Concepts

For tutoring inquiries, please contact Richard McManus and Ben Tobin at Both work online, and information about their methods can be found at and

And if you want to be able to teach or work with your child yourself, please inquire about the parents’ division of our instructor training program.