Seeking Participants for Science of Reading Instructor Training

Breaking the Code is seeking two initial groups (one teachers, one parents) of approximately 6-8 individuals looking for a crash course/bootcamp in teaching decoding skills according to research-backed principles. 

The recent explosion of interest in the science of reading is obviously a welcome and heartening development, but we also realize that the glut of information now available can easily become overwhelming, and that asking teachers and parents to sift through it all and educate themselves—while continuing to juggle their many other responsibilities—is a very tall order. 

Contrary to popular belief, we know from experience that learning to teach reading efficiently and effectively is not actually rocket science; however, there is a series of key concepts, methods, and skills that must be mastered. 

Our goal is to pare the process down to the essentials and provide participants with a clear framework so that they feel comfortable transitioning to a structured literacy approach, even if they don’t have the time to devote to a lengthy professional development program. 

The training will consist of four 2-hour sessions (over Zoom, how else?), most likely over four consecutive days in mid-late July.

Session 1: Phonemic Awareness: Sounds Are the Basis for Reading

Session 2: Phonics: Breaking the Written Code 

Session 3: Fluency: It’s Not Just About Speed  

Session 4: Recap, Q & A, and (for teachers) the practical challenges of transitioning from balanced to structured literacy 

There will be a modest participation fee of around $100 in order to ensure that everyone takes the training seriously, but at this point our primary interest is in learning what works, what participants want more/less of, and how we can respond most effectively to teachers’ and parents’ needs. 

If you’d like to participate, please send a brief (one-paragraph or so) description of your background and interest in the workshop to breakingthecodeallways@gmail.com. 

We look forward to hearing from you!


  • Angela Francis

    I am beginning my 21st year of teaching. I have been in k-1 for 18 years. I am currently in the process of being trained through Arkansas’ science of reading R.I.S.E. it is a 6bday training offered through our co op. I really enjoy teaching phonics/vocabulary/reading. I was the model teacher for a couple of years because I enjoy learning new things and how I can become a better teacher for my students. Thank you for your consideration.
    Angela Francis

  • Lia

    Hello – is this event still taking place? I’d sent an email but haven’t heard back…Perhaps it went to spam?
    Thanks so much for letting me know.

    • Erica Meltzer

      Yes, the workshop is still going on–our apologies for the delayed response. We’ve been trying to figure out scheduling logistics, but we’ve finally fixed dates: 8/10-13, 4:30-6:30pm EST. We’ll be sending out a formal announcement in the next couple of days.